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Here you will find an impressive read from Edith. She has a great story. We hope everyone enjoys, feel free to comment below. 
  1. What is your name and where are you from? 
    My name is Edith Dashiell. I grew up in the military sohave lived just about all over the USA and overseas.

    2.      Age (unless you are a girl and don’t want to)? 36 
  2. Social media channels you’re active on (if you want to share; list names/handles): Facebook and Twitter, although I rarely use Twitter.

    4.      What is your favorite hobby/activity? (running, kayaking, knitting, cooking, etc) 
    I enjoy running, hiking, swimming, painting, making my own recipes in the crockpot, spending time with my hubby.
    I used to row but it's expensive and I no longer have the time.
  3. When did you start doing it and why? What was the motivation to get involved/start doing this? I was swimming before walking. We grew up in HI so we almost lived on Waikiki beach.I started running at 14. That's when I did track and cross country but my Dad would send us kids out back to the football field if we were fighting or being ornery. He said if we had that much energy, might as well burn it off running laps on the track. We couldn't come home til we'd put in 2-3 miles.

    6.      At what point did you decide to start X? (whatever your activity or hobby is) I have always been active. I did martial arts as a kid and teen. We spent more time outside than in front of the tv, which kept us out of trouble.

    7.      What about this activity/hobby keeps you involved in it? Is it finishing it or something else? What makes it worth it? I like pushing myself to see how far I can go. The most I’ve run is 35 miles in one day and that was while 8 months pregnant. I love all the 50ks I've done. Nothing beats a runners high. Exercise makes things better or at least your perspective anyway. 

    8.      What is one of the most fun things you have ever completed, and why was it so fun? I loved my 1st marathon. I was pregnant, sick, getting over a horrible chest cold. I really should've been home in bed, but I ran it anyway in the rain. The fact that I pushed through it and got to see old, unexpected friends at the finish line was priceless. Running a half marathon with my sister comes 2nd. We did that the day after Thanksgiving when everyone else was nursing their turkey hangovers. It was great! 

    9.      Do you ever have squirrel moments? (meaning those moments where you get distracted by something else and if so, can you share one?)
    I'm usually multitasking ... So my life is all about those moments: having to stop a toddler from running into the street, keep a baby from falling off the table, keeping small kids from grabbing the sharp knife a careless older sibling left on the counter.
  4. Have you ever talked yourself out of what you want to do? Not usually.But my family always comes first. I've put things on the back burner but I’ve never not done something I’ve wanted to do.

    11.   Do you have any motivational sayings or a funny story about your activity/hobby you’d like to share?
    I survived being hit by a truck when I went out on a long run. I was lucky with only a 3 degree sprain in my ankle and a mild concussion. I had a small amount of amnesia for about 15-20 mins before getting to the hospital, which was unusual.

    12.   How do you find balance with other things going on in your life to focus on this activity/hobby? What are some tips/tricks you’ve done to make sure you find time for this? You make time. If it's important to you, you find a way.

    13.   Who do you most admire and why? (can be someone famous or just someone you know) I admire people like Louis Zamperini who overcame so much and didn't become bitter about it. I loveencouraging stories about those who beat the odds and triumphed over adversity.

    14.   What is one of the best vacations that you have ever had?  What made it so fun?I think the best trips are the ones we've done spontaneously. But as much as I miss the ocean I loved visiting South Padre and seeing the Gulf with my kids. Climbing the cliffs at Badlands while 7 months pregnant with son is a close 2nd.

    15.   What is your favorite adult beverage? I don't drink. I love virgin pina coladas and hot chocolate.

    16.   What is your favorite dessert? Cheese cake hands down. NY style.

    17.   If you could cook anything for breakfast what would it be? Biscuits and gravy with sausage.

    18.   What do you like about doing this interview? It's fun.

    19.   What is your favorite wuz worth it design and why? My 50k decals then probably RUN. I'm dang proud of being able to go that far, especially at my age and after having so many kids.

    20.   If you had a chance to make your own signature wuz worth it design what would it be?
    Probably "Marathon Momma." :) ( This is in the works after she gets done with new baby.)